One solution INFINITT possibilites.

We are interdisciplinary and international.

As a knowledge-based service provider in the medical device sector, we offer tailor-made and therefore individualized PACS solutions.

We take over defined tasks for our customers and accompany their complex processes, not only up to the installation, but beyond the entire life cycle with constantly available, direct support.

We are at eye level.

Only strong partners create strong solutions. This is based, not only on professional competence, but also on a great deal of mutual respect and equivalence, as well as trustful and cooperative approach. Our work is based on the principle of "partnership at eye level." Our clients expect that from us.

We don´t settle for less. We inspire.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with first-class quality services and high added value. Our challenge is to recognize and understand new requirements even before problems arise and to implement them into individual solutions.

We take responsibility.

Through further growth and diversification we bear responsibility for the future development of our company. We know that we have a high commitment to patients, our clients, employees and business partners. A commitment that not only justifies best performance but also requires it. Best performance is a journey, not just a destination. Best performances are agile, they can be optimized daily. We act accordingly.

We share our knowledge.

By establishing knowledge management, we adapt the structure, organization and philosophy of knowledge sharing. Knowledge sharing and the effective and rapid distribution of knowledge within our company are essential components of our corporate culture. All employees make their knowledge accessible, they share and train their knowledge. This is the only way to become better and more efficient every day.